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Meet Dr. Christa

Passionate Pediatric Dentist

Hi, I’m Dr. Christa! I’m a mom, a wife, a dog mom, and a board certified pediatric dentist. When I’m not doing “dentist things,” you can find me and my family enjoying local food truck festivals, farmers’ markets, new restaurants, and other great things Southern New England has to offer. 

I started out in the dental field as a dental sterilization technician in 2009 while attending Providence College, and found out that I loved the artistry and engineering behind dentistry. While still in college I volunteered at a local community dental clinic in Providence and found that I loved working with kids. At that point I decided that I wanted to pursue a specialty in pediatrics.

I then attended dental school at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI where I spent extra time in the pediatric department learning from great faculty. I completed an extra two years of pediatric dental specialty at the NYU-Langone Pediatrics Dental Program in Providence, RI. I have spent the last 6 years since graduating pediatric dental residency obtaining board certification status and helping to bring healthy smiles to the children of Southern New England and Central Massachusetts.

Dr. Christa - Groovy Molars Pediatric Dentistry

I have learned that a child’s experience at the dentist has a lasting influence on the way they view dental health for the rest of their lives. Which is why I started Groovy Molars! I understand that dentistry is something personal, can bring anxiety to both the parent and the patient, and that it goes beyond just “brushing your teeth 2x a day!” My mission is to provide a welcoming and child-friendly environment where your child can grow to become comfortable with the dental experience. You’ll see me asking silly questions, singing along to a catchy movie soundtrack as I’m washing sugar-bugs away, and painting superheroes, unicorns, and princesses on teeth. 

I would like to welcome you and your family to Dr. Christa’s Groovy Molars Pediatric Dentistry!